While many dentists offer various whitening services, it is important that the dentist and patient discuss what color best suites the patients hair color, skin tone as well as facial features. Bleached white is not always the best option. The overall goal is to remove any superficial stains that may be present due to excessive coffee, tea or wine consumption.After a thorough cleaning has been performed by the dental hygienist, the patient and dentist can discuss which type of whitening workds best for the patient.

Here at Century City Smiles we offer two types of whitening:

n office dental whitening is an hour-long procedure where the patients teeth are treated with a bleaching solution. The patient sits comfortably in the chair and in about an hour the teeth are 2-3 shades lighter. This method usually lasts several months, depending on how well the patient adheres to refraining from foods that may stain the teeth.

Take home whitening kit is a great way to gradually whiten teeth at home. Customized trays are made and the patient can continuously whiten his/her teeth on a consistent basis. This method works great for busy individuals who just don’t have the time to sit in the dental chair. Whiten your teeth on your own time!