“Zeidler and Zeidler Dental Group/ Century City Dental Group in Century City is the best of the best!!

Should you have a dental need of any kind..this is the best dental office in city Los Angeles by far.

I take pride in making sure my dental hygiene is on point!

Today I was scheduled for my quarterly appointment, after receiving my deep gum and teeth cleaning; to my surprise I had a small cavity .
Dr. Shawn made time in his schedule to drill out the cavity and fill it in….wait for it….WITHOUT NOVOCAINE!!

No needles were needed!!!

I’m a needle chicken so, I must say that was a first.

Doctors Ron & Shawn along with their staff are par-excellent. This talented team will take good care of you. Family friendly environment and most insurances are accepted!

Thank youalll for taking care of my beautiful smile
Blessings, Jan Austin”



“Great office! Very welcoming, honest, ethical.

Receptionist acknowledged me right away.!

Appointment was at 9am by 9:20ish the dental hygienist was working on my teeth cleaning, very prompt. She did a great job, after cleaning my teeth felt smooth and polished.

Now the dentist… I couldn’t help but overhear him converse with his employees and from the sound of it he seems to get along great with his staff. That’s important because a positive work environment reflects on the service.

Dentist does great work! Couldn’t be happier with my fillings they look great! And when he applied anesthesia I only felt a pinch, based on that alone I’d come back for more work.”



“I have never liked going to the dentist, but after my recent experience here I won’t be going anywhere else and am relieved to have found a quality, trustworthy dental office for the long term.

Before even going into the office a HUGE benefit is how easily accessible the office is from Santa Monica Blvd., and the fact that there’s free parking on site–no small thing for any business in LA, let alone a dental office.

Having bounced around a few different dentists through the years this office is a cut above the most, without being extravagant to the point where you feel like you’re paying for the overhead.

It reminds me of the dental office I went to as a kid–feels like it’s been there forever but equipped with state of the art technology.

I mean really: my exam room, which was private, had a big screen HDTV. One minute I was watching cable tv, the next minute they were using it to show me instant results of X-Rays they took of my teeth!

The dentist there is also the kind of dentist you want. You’re not dollar signs to him. He actually cares about your well being and won’t try to sell you on any services you don’t need. When you know what a racquet the dental industry can be, knowing you can trust your dentist is the biggest relief of all.

But perhaps the best part of my experience was the hygienist, who I would describe as legendary. It was the best hygienist I’ve EVER had. I would return to this office if for no other reason than for her skills and services. I’ve never had better.

In summary, if anyone asked me to recommend a good dentist, this is the only place I can honestly recommend.”



“Dr. Shaun at Century city smiles is the best dental office in Los Angeles! I have lived here for 10 years and been to over 5 dentists who have all scammed me into paying $1000s of dollars. Here they are honest and actually care about the health of your teeth and not about how much money is in your pocket! I’m so happy I have finally found an honest trustworthy dentist and will recommend to all of my family and friends! I would give 10 stars if I could!”



“Switched over to Dr Saidian after taking over Zeidler. Really happy with his work and trust him as my Dentist. He is really patient and explains everything in detail, makes you feel right at home. Before one appointment I came in really hungry and he gave me a bar to eat and let me wait for a few mins to digest before he worked on my teeth. He just makes going to the dentist really easy and he talks with all his patient calmly and gives them his time. Definitely recommend Dr Saidian!
Thank you”